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Studio Laura Villani, Axios Europa, and SACI present:


Thursday, March 27th, 2:30-6:30 pm

Seminar/Workshop in the Stephen Rosefield Lecture Hall
Jules Maidoff Palazzo - Via Sant'Egidio 14, Florence

Personal Marketing for Artists: How to Build Your Own Brand.

Conducted in English by Argentine author Manuel Schneer
and Friends of SACI member Laura Villani.

Personal Marketing is the process of applying corporate branding techniques to an individual by discovering what makes individuals special and different from their competitors and then packaging that message in a way that is true to who they are and compelling to their target audience.

I’m not Apple or Nike!  Is a Personal Marketing Right for Me?
Famous “personal brands” include Miuccia Prada, Sofia Loren, Zucchero, Oliviero Toscani and Sergio Marchionne. These individuals have taken their celebrity status a step further by strategically marketing themselves as unique brands. They have capitalized on their brand power by selling products from books to perfume to music and training courses simply because we emotionally connect with and know specifically what kind of experience they are going to give us.

What Do I Need to Do for a Strong Personal Brand?
The “guru of personal branding," William Arruda, says that all strong brands must demonstrate “The Three C’s of Personal Branding” in order to be successful: clarity, constancy and consistency. This workshop is designed to help you with the first C, clarity, by enabling you to unearth what is unique and special about you.
Studio Laura Villani has developed a half-day training session that provides, in a clear and concise way, the basis for the creation and management of individual marketing strategies and personal branding in the national and international art sector.

Methodological Approach: 
The watchword? Get in the game. Theory and practice come together in action creating exceptional cognitive and emotional involvement. Questions and answers. Debate. Conclusions and closure of activities.

Who Is the Audience:
The workshop is aimed at all professionals in the art world who want to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of both general marketing practices and personal marketing for creative individuals and learn how to apply to greatest effect in their workplace the unique approaches described in the "OWN" Personal Marketing Plan.
Registration and info:
Contact: studio@lauravillani.it / info@axioseuropa.com

Registration fee:
Individual: € 80 + VAT
For those who register by March 20: € 70 + VAT
All registrants will receive a Certificate of Participation.
Participation is FREE for all SACI students.

(Image above: Nicola Bolla, "Vanitas Bull," sculpture made with Swarovski crystals.)

Studio Art Centers International

The Stephen Rosefield Lecture Hall - Jules Maidoff Palazzo
Via Sant'Egidio 14, Florence - Italy
055 289 948
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